Some Interview tips to help you land your next Career.

Practice, Prepare and Research the Company

Connect with your recruiter 2 days before the interview so he or she can coach you and give you any tips before the interview.

Review the typical job interview questions employers ask and practice your answers.

Also, have a list of your own questions ready to ask the employer. It is important to have at least one or two questions prepared in order to demonstrate your interest in the organization.

Make sure to research the company and if you noticed any changes or implementations they have done, mention it. It shows that you took the time to learn about them and that you are serious and very interested.

Develop a Connection With the Interviewer

In addition to indicating what you know about the company, you should also try to develop a connection with your interviewer. Know the interviewer’s name, and use it during the job interview. If you’re not sure of the name, call and ask prior to the interview.

Get Ready the day before

Whether the interview is in person or virtual, Don’t wait until the last minute to pick your attire, print extra copies of your resume, or find a notepad and pen.

Connect with your recruiter about the attire you should wear depending on if it’s a professional interview, stage, or tasting.

If you’re interviewing virtually, have all the technology set and ready in advance. Do a trial run to be sure everything is working properly, and you’re comfortable with it.

Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled interview time.

Take into account the time of your interview so you can adjust for local traffic patterns at that time. Give yourself a few extra minutes to visit the restroom, check your outfit, and calm your nerves.

Calm your nerves before and during the interview

Try a meditation before your interview while you sit in your car. When you arrive before you meet the Hiring manager take 3 deep breaths and repeat.

During the job interview, try to relax and stay as calm as possible. Remember that your body language says as much about you as your answers to the questions. Make sure to remain eye contact when you answer the questions.

End with Confidence and Close the deal

Let Hiring manager and team know while you are still there that you are very interested in the opportunity and look forward to the next steps.

Always follow up after the interview

Always follow up with a thank you note reiterating your interest in the position. You can also include any details you may have forgotten to mention during your interview.

If you interview multiple people from the same company, send each one a different personal note.

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