Some reasons candidates cease all communication and Ghost you or an employer might be because of the following.

  • A better job offer comes along
  • Another recruiter or employer calls with a better opportunity
  • The pay is too low
  • The opportunity isn’t the right fit
  • The candidate just got a call and received a job offer.

It is not a good idea to not show up to interviews, ignore phone calls, ignore job offers, or to not show up for work.

You never want to burn a bridge. If it’s not the right opportunity or you simply changed your mind the best thing to do is to let the recruiter and employer know. You always want to keep the door open and put your best foot forward in your industry.

“Some reasons why you should never ghost a recruiter or employer.”

You’ll cause the employer and recruiter to worry.

If you don’t reply to multiple messages, an employer and recruiter might think an emergency might have happened to you. And if you keep ignoring them it will cause frustrations.

Employers and recruiters will make note of this.

Ghosting burns bridges. If you are unresponsive chances are the recruiter and employer will never contact you again for an opportunity.

News travels fast.

If you work in a niche industry, more than likely the news will travel to other Hiring managers at other companies. Recruiters will share as well and mark you as unprofessional.

At the end of the day, take the high road! Do the right thing.

You have an ethical responsibility to the recruiter to let them know you’re not interested. The recruiter is the one that is helping you and submitted you to the employer. They can communicate to the employer for you and keep the door open. It’s best to send a respectful email, text, or direct message. Your recruiter will respect you in the long run if you communicate professionally, and will help your chances for future opportunities.

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